Rachel Leah Jones

Rachel Leah Jones

Rachel Leah Jones is a director/producer born in Berkeley, California and raised in Tel Aviv. She has a BA in Race, Class, & Gender Studies and an MFA in Media Arts Production. Over the years, Jones has worked extensively on socially and politically engaged documentaries about Israel/Palestine and has been affiliated with progressive media outlets such as the (anti-)Occupation Club in Tel Aviv, the joint Israeli/Palestinian Alternative Information Center in Jerusalem and the critically-acclaimed public TV/radio program Democracy Now! in New York.

2008: Director/Producer, GYPSY DAVY. Feature documentary David Serva (nee Jones) a white boy with Alabama roots who re-invented himself as legendary Flamenco guitarist, fathering five children to five different women along the way. Produced by RLJ Productions/Tel Aviv for Channel 8/Israel.

2007: Director/Scriptwriter, ASHKENAZ. 72-minute documentary about Asheknaziness: the Israeli version of whiteness. Produced by Trabelsi Productions/Tel Aviv for Channel 8/Israel.

2003: Assistant Director, WALL, directed by Simone Bitton. 98-minute documentary about the separation fence between Israel and the West Bank. Co-Produced by Cine-Sud Promotions/Paris and Arna Productions/Jerusalem. Premiere Cannes/2004; Best Documentary FID Marseille/2004; Jury's Choice, Sundance/2005.

2002: Director/Producer, 500 DUNAM ON THE MOON. 48-minute documentary about Ayn Hawd, a Palestinian village occupied and depopulated by Israeli forces in 1948 and transformed into a Jewish artists' colony. Co-Produced by RLJ Productions/New York and Momento!/Paris. Produced in association with France 2/Paris and Sindibad Films/London. Jury's Choice: Three Continents Documentary Film Festival/2002.

2000: US Production Coordinator, RAGING DOVE, directed by Duki Dror. 74-minute documentary about Johar Abu Lashin, a Palestinian-Israeli boxer living in Johnson City, Tennessee. Produced by Zygote Films/Tel Aviv. First Prize, Doc Aviv/2002.

1999: Assistant Director, CITIZEN BISHARA, directed by Simone Bitton. 52-minute portrait of Dr. Azmi Bishara, a Palestinian philosopher and member of the Israeli Knesset. Produced by Arna Productions/Jerusalem, Cineteve/Paris and Canal Horizons/Paris.

1998: Assistant Director, L'ATTENTAT, directed by Simone Bitton. 58-minute documentary about the common mourning of Israeli victims' families and Palestinian suicide bombers' families. Co-Produced by Cineteve/Paris, Noga Communications/Tel Aviv, and Arna Productions/Jerusalem for Channel 2/France and Channel 8/Israel.

1998: Assistant Director, A MATTER OF FAITH, directed by Duki Dror. 26-minute documentary on religious-secular relations in the heart of hipster Tel Aviv. Produced by Zygote Films/Tel Aviv for Channel 2/Israel.

1997: Line Producer, WARP AND WEFT, directed by Duke Dror. 26-minute documentary about the closure of a textile plant in Dimona, an Israeli

"Development Town" in the Negev desert. Produced by Zygote Films/Tel Aviv for Channel 2/Israel.

1996: Line Producer, CAFE NOAH, directed by Duke Dror. 26-minute documentary about Egyptian and Iraqi Jewish musicians and their struggle to maintain their culture in Israel. Produced by Zygote Films/Tel Aviv for Channel 2/Israel.

1994: Researcher, YASMIN, directed by Nizar Hassan. 58-minute documentary about the murder of Palestinian women for so-called "family honor." Produced by Matar Productions/Tel Aviv for Channel 1/Israel.