Ayelet Heller

Ayelet Heller

Yad Vashem New Museum – Short Holocaust Films 2004-2005

Lifeline 2003. A story of friendship between men.

Orpheus in the Business World 2002. Business meets the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra for ARTE

My Second Weapon 2001 The last 3 months of Israeli occupation in Lebanon. Ch 2

We Must Succeed 1999. 3 episodes about high-tech in Israel Channel 8.

Blue Bird 1998 The story of Tzivia Lubetkin, one of the leaders in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. Channel 8

Tkuma 1999 episode 6 IBA 22 chapters of the first fifty years.

String Fest Celebrates 60th Anniversary of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra; 1996; Prod. Paul Smaczny-Euroarts; ARTE; WNET (Great Performances).

Addicted to Black 1995; A journey through Israel, reflections on Israel made up of encounters with people over a cup of coffee.

White Journey 1994: 5 episodes; a travelogue to Baffin Island (North Pole) and to Antarctica (South Pole).

Ephraim Kishon-Yacov Cohen, It Isn't A Funny Film 1994; about Israeli humor.

The World of Dance 1993; Dance in Israel 50 minutes; Ch 2 Israel

The Un promised Land 1992; The deportation of the Yemenite Jews from a kibbutz.