Eyal Sivan

Eyal Sivan

Eyal Sivan, is a documentary filmmaker, currently co-leading the MA program in

Film, video and new media at the school of Humanities and social sciences, at the

University of East London (UEL). Born in Haifa Israel, Sivan grow up in Jerusalem

and after exercising as a professional photographer in Tel-Aviv he leaves and settle in

Paris. Since 1985 he is sharing his time between Europe and Israel. Famous for his

controversial films, Sivan directed more then 10 worldwide awarded political

documentaries and produced many others.

Selected Filmography

2009 Jaffa, the orange’s clockwork, Documentary, 88 minutes, color, Video.

2008 Happy birthdays, towards a common archive, multi video channels

installation, 23 minutes.

2007 Citizens K- the twin brothers, Documentary, 54 minutes.

2005 Faces of the Fallen Documentary, 52 minutes.

2004 I Love You All Documentary, 98 minutes. (co-directed with Audrey


2003 Route 181, Fragments of a Journey in Palestine-Israel, Documentary, 272

min. (co-directed with Michel Khleifi)

2001 On the Top of the Descent Fiction, 32 minutes.

1999 The Specialist, Documentary, 128 minutes.

1997 Burundi, under Terror Documentary, 13 minutes.

Itsembatsemba, Rwanda one Genocide later Documentary, 13 minutes.

1995 Aqabat-Jaber, Peace with no Return? Documentary, 61 minutes.

1994 Jerusalem(s), Borderline Syndrome Docu-drama, 64 minutes.

1993 Itgaber, he will Overcome Documentary, 2 x 85 minutes.

1991 Israland Documentary, 58 minutes.

1990 Izkor, Slaves of Memory Documentary, 97 minutes.

1987 Aqabat-Jaber, Passing Through Documentary, 81 minutes.