Food of the Earth

Food of the Earth

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Documentary TV Series, Israel, 2008-9
Season 1/ 5 episodes, 48 min each
Season 2/ 4 Episodes, 48 min each

Food, like language, is a profound and essential element of any culture. The series "Food of the Earth" wishes to explore this facet of Israeli culture from historical, gastronomical, social, political, economic and poetic perspectives. The focal point of these perspectives will be the food itself and his basic ingredients which are the basis of the Israeli kitchen and food culture: the vegetables, fruits, cereals and animals. Each episode will deal with one of these basic ingredients.

By following the unique path of each ingredient- the story of the Israeli kitchen will emerge and through it, social, economical and political issues.

Broadcaster 8 Channel, Noga Communications


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Director & Writer Avida Livny
Producer Osnat Trabelsi
Associate Production company Alma Productions
Cinematographer David Zarif
Editors Yoni Cohen and Tal Shefi
Researcher Eyal Sagui Bizawe
Sound Rotem Engel
Music Ellyot
Sound design Itzik Cohen

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