Production Services

Production Services

Trabelsi Productions offers a variety of production services. We have broad experience in productions services to different kinds of films - Documentaries, commercials, video music etc. We facilitate productions services and production solutions inside Israel and at the occupied territories.

Shooting at Jerusalem: Shooting at the holy spots like the Wailing Wall, Al Aqsa and the dome of the rock, church of the holy sepulture and many more..

Producing camera and sound equipment, pick up from the airport, driver with a van, Professional crew, hotel, location tour and authorization to shoot anywhere in the city (including unique locations that require special approval from the Israeli police)

Our track record includes films like:

The Oscar nominated "War Photographer"by Christian Frei

"Behind the Fence" by Inigo Gilmore for the BBC, 
The Belgium documentary DEUS LO VOLT for IOTA Productions

Casting for Omar Shargawi's film for Don't Forget me Instanbul

A music video for Keren Ann

Industrial films for L'Oreal etc.

We are experienced in giving efficient, fast and courteous services and in managing productions in various scales and under changing deadlines.

Please contact us with any question or need you have and we will be happy to help and do our best for you