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Documentary, 60 min, Israel, 2015

It was truly a 70s Israeli ritual: sitting at home on Friday afternoon, watching the only channel of Israeli television while an Arab film was screened. We had never asked ourselves how the official Israeli television obtained these films while there were no relations with our neighbors. Why have we turned to be addicted fans of Egyptian comedies and melodramas, sharing the same cultural heroes and admiring the same movie stars, while Egypt was our arch enemy? The Arab film became a hatch to a world we could not reach, but most of us failed to see and understand it.

Languages Hebrew, Arabic
Subtitles English, Hebrew, Arabic
Broadcasters Chanell 8





Writer & Director Eyal Sagui Bizawe, Sara Tsifroni
Producer Osnat Trabelsi
Director of Photography Avigail Sperber, David Zarif, Ronen Mayo
Editor Ayal Goldberg
Sound Designer Itzik Cohen

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לקבלת מידע נוסף על טיול זה