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1h 9min   Documentary  

English, Hebrew and Arabic   

Jaffa, once a major port in the Middle East, has grown into an international tourist center, a coveted destination and last but not least a true real estate gem.

Tourists, partygoers and the its residents are charmed by Jaffa’s oriental style and romantic authenticity, but beneath the shiny surface lurk racism, greed and injustice.


After many years of deliberate criminal neglect, Jaffa has been rediscovered as a coveted investment opportunity. The film follows the personal struggle of the veteran residents against the threat of eviction orders and reveals the metamorphosis that the city is going through, uncovering both its social and political meanings.


Close to Tel Aviv and on the shores of the Mediterranean, the value of the land is rising exuberantly, resulting in extreme high rent for hundreds of families who have lived here for generations. 


Simultaneously, governmental institutions are carrying out brutal evictions while the profits are exclusively enjoyed by the developers and the state. 


A Guide to Gentrification shows all the fans of Jaffa the price its residents have to pay for beauty and location.


Written and Directed by: Keren Shayo and Lavi Vanunu 

Produced by: Osnat Trabelsi

Director of Photography: Ronen Kruk 

Editors: Miri Laufer and Gadi Mozes 

Colorist: Dima Lidachov  

Original Music: Ran Elmaliach

International Sales: First Hand Films

Executive Producer: Esther van Messel

Line producers: Anna Somershaf, Orit Ronen



Best docu-series award at the Israeli documentary forum competition 2021

Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival 

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