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Hot Blood (2021)

58min     Documentary 

Hebrew, Russian and Caucasian


Written and Directed by: Arthur Abramov 

Produced by: Osnat Trabelsi

Line producers: Anna Somershaf, Orit Ronen

Colorist: Idan Sasson 

Sound design and mix: Rei Elbaz   

Director of Photography: Arthur Abramov 

Editor: Lev Goltser

Daniela (16) and Ohad (17) are determined to make their dream come true – win the World Kickboxing Youth Championship. Along with the demanding lifestyle required in professional sports and their studies that require dedication and time, they face strong opposition and pressure from their traditional Kavkaz Caucasian families - who disagree with their pursuit of a violent and dangerous sport.

Ohad, who fainted and lost consciousness in the arena, causes his mother great anxiety and she and his father pressure him to stop training and competing.

Daniela has to deal with fears expressed by her female relatives that the sport will harm not only her studies and exams but also put her future chances of getting pregnant at risk.


Houston International Sports Film Festival 2022

Doc Aviv 2021

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