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Pizza In Auschwitz (2008)

52/65min  |   Documentary  | 

Hebrew, English, Polish and Lithuanian

Danny Chanoch (74) is a Holocaust survivor. In his words, he has a BA (Bachelor of Auschwitz) and was fortunate enough to have his own personal physician growing up: Dr. Mengale. This tall impressive man, who never sheds a tear, and has succeeded in joining every possible delegation to Poland and the death camps, has failed to do one thing: convince his own children, Miri and Sagi, to visit the landscape of his own lost childhood with him. In six days and in one van, three family members and a film crew travel "that" Europe, traversing the terrain where Danny was forced to "camp" again and again. When they reach the "final destination" at Birkenau, Danny wants to fulfill a life-long fantasy: to spend the night in his old barracks, on his old bunk, with his own children. A bitter argument ensues with the camp officer, and only after waving an arm tattooed with a number in his face, does Danny get his way. Inside the camp, an awkward encounter takes place with a group of German youth making their own pilgrimage to the past. Around a slice of pizza, which Miri brings her father from the nearby town of Auschwitz, father and children have the inevitable blow-out filled with black humor and great pain. PIZZA in AUSCHWITZ exposes the experiences of the children-of-survivors, those who are survivors themselves, albeit it of another kind. As Miri puts it in the film: "I guess there's no such a thing as a Holocaust survivor.


Written & Directed by: Moshe Zimmerman

Producers: Osnat Trabelsi and Moshe Zimmerman

Director of Photography: Ronen Kruk

Editing Director: Tali Goldenberg

Editor: Inbar Tavor

Original Music by: Ellyott Eva Ben Ezer

Sound Design: Jungle Sound

Broadcasters:: Channel 8 and Noga communication Israel, VPRO

World Sales: Trabelsi Productions



Prize of the Youth Jury of the Filmschule- Doc Leipzig, Germany, 2008

Best of Fest- IDFA Netherlands, November 2008

The Golden Dragon prize- Krakow International Film Festival, Poland, Krakow, May 2009

Grand Prix "best full- meter documentary"- Berdyansk Film Festival, Berdyansk, Ukraine

Doc Leipzig Germany, November 2008 - Prize of the Youth Jury of the Filmschule

IDFA Netherlands, November 2008 - Best of Fest

Doc Point Finland, Helsinki, January 2009

ZagrebDox Croatia, Zegreb, February 2009

One World- International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival,  Prague, 2009

Bergamo Film Meeting Italy, Bergamo, March 2009

BAFICI- Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival Argentina,  2009

OXDOX UK, Oxford, April 2009

Vision Du Reel Switzerland, Nyon, April 2009

Skopje Film Festival Skopje, Macedonia, April 2009

NodoDocFest Italy, Trieste, May 2009

Krakow International Film Festival Poland, Krakow, May 2009 

The Golden Dragon prize IFFTAC- International Festival of Films on Tribal Art & Culture India, Indore, June 2009

Moscow International Film Festival Moscow, Russia, June 2009

Sole Luna Palermo, Italy, July 2009

One World – International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Bratislava, Slovakia, November 2009

Perspektive : International Human Rights Film Festival Nuremberg, Germany, September- October 2009

PRAVO LJUDSKI Human rights Film Festival, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina, November 2009

Boston Jewish Film Festival Boston, U.S.A, November 2009

WATCH DOCS- Human rights in films FF Warsaw, Poland, December 2009

Berdyansk Film Festival, Berdyansk, Ukraine, August- September 2009

Grand Prix "best full- meter documentary" Flahertiana International documentary film festival Perm, Russia, October 2009

This human world Vienne, Austria, December 2009

MIDA Magnolia International Documentary Awards, Shanghai, China, June 2010

Lodz of Four Cultures Festival Lodz, Poland, September 2010

Kaunas International Film Festival Kaunas, Lithuania, October 2010

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