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Queen Khantarisha (2009)

53min  |   Documentary  | 


Queen Khantarisha presents two Yemenite writers in their sixties. As a songwriter and lyricist of love, Nomi is also behind some of the hottest hits that resonated in Yemeni clubs and weddings. The work of the other woman, a Jerusalem-born, religious, poet and writer, touches on demons, madness, rape, and rebellion and has garnered her community's denunciation. The film explores the personal costs of straddling the ambitions of creative expression and the restraints of conservative communities requiring subservience. One writes and composes love songs in Yemenite that are being sung in clubs, weddings and other events but only few know that she is writing them. The other writes provocative poetry and prose, she revolt in her past and her parents who oppressed her sexually and mentally. The film exposes the tension between the daily, personal struggle of these women. The struggle between the tradition they live and respect and that of their internal passion.


Written & Directed by : Israela Shaer-Meoded

Producer: Osnat Trabelsi

Director of Photography: Tulik Galon, Oron Cohen ,

Amitay Arnon, and Avigail Shperber

Editor: Ayelet Ofarim

Music by: Karni Postel

International Sales: First Hand Films

Broadcasters: The Second Israeli Authority for Radio and TV. YLE Finland

Supported by: The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts,

and The Gesher Foundation



Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel, July 2009 International Woman's Film Festival Israel, September 2009 International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, December 2009 The 24th Israeli Film Festival, New York, Miami, December 2009 New York Sephardic Film Festival, New York, February 2010

First prize for documentary film - International Woman's Film Festival, Israel, September 2009

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