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Strawberry Fields (2006)

60min  |   Documentary  | 

Hebrew and Arabic 

This is the story of a strawberry who yearned for independence. Imagine a story about hope, frustration, occupation, globalization and politics, and at its center a small red fruit-a strawberry. The mother plants arrive from Israel to Gaza, where in the fields of Beit Lahiya the plants are cultivated to produce the brilliant red fruit destined for marketing in Europe. In this fateful year in Gaza, filmmaker Ayelet Heller and her Gazan crew documented the agricultural cycle of the fruit and the political events that directly affected the lives of the farmers who cultivate it.. Out of these green fields, red fruit, sky and ea, could emerge a pastoral image of farmers earning their livelihood by working the land. But in Gaza it is not the laws of nature that rule but those of the Occupation.


Written & Directed by: Ayelet Heller

Producer: Osnat Trabelsi

Director of Photography: Anas Rehan

Editor: Yoni Kohen

Sound Designer: Tamer Jamal Aljamal

Broadcasters: Keshet broadcasting, Channel 2

Supported by: The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts - Cinema Project

World Sales: Trabelsi Productions


Winner of the "In the Spirit of Freedom" Competition 2005 established by Keshet Broadcasting, The Rabinowitz Fund-Cinema Project, and the Jerusalem Cinematheque. Jerusalem IFF, Israel, July 2006

Awarded Special Mention- Slow Food on Film: International Film Festival, Bologna Italy, May 2008


Rehovot Women Film Festival, Israel, September 2006

Hot Docs Film Festival. Canada April 2007

Visions du reel International Film Festival. April 2007

Edinburgh Film Festival, 2007

Documenta Madrid, Spain, May 2007

Sao Paulo Internaional Film Festival, Brazil, August 2007

Perspektive: 5th International Human Rights Film Festival Nuremberg. October 2007

26th Global Vision Film Festival, Canada, November 2007

Slow Food on Film: International Film Festival, Bologna Italy, May 2008

Awarded Special Mention Slow Food Film Festival, New Zeeland International 1001 Documentary film festiva, Istanbul,Turkey, November 2008

Environmental international film festival, Paris, France, November 2008

FIDA Doc Souss, Agadir, Morocco, November 2008

Sole Luna, Palermo, Italy, July 2009

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